Why do I need a Group Code?

Group Codes allow us to allocate your purchase to the group that you are ordering with. This way, we can deliver your order to the correct location on the date set up by the group organizer.

I am not part of a group. Can I still order?

You can register to organize a group purchase, under our Fundraising or Friends and Family programs. Please contact us for more information on how to get started!

I am part of a group. Why can I no longer place an order?

Each group has a set delivery date for its order. To fulfill and deliver these orders on time, group codes expire 3 days prior to delivery.

I want to do a fundraiser, how much can a group make with the Greenhouse Effects Fundraising program?

We provide 25% cash back on your group sales through our Fundraising program.

Where are the plants grown, and are they hardy for Alberta weather?

All of our plants are grown in our family run greenhouse, near Millarville Alberta. We only grow plants that are suited to our Alberta climate. Properly cared for, they will thrive until the fall frost.